Picture the hottest dance party around – and then make it even hotter!

VIBES is a high-energy, high-intensity dance workout. We move to the same jams you’d find at a dance hall. Find your groove – or learn some moves – while burning calories for the body you want.

VIBES is tons of fun and tons of exercise. It’s feel-good fitness at its best. At VIBES, you’ll automatically be employing interval training, which peer-reviewed academic literature has shown to be superior to constant-intensity training. At VIBES, the intervals are the songs! We’ll fill the hour with music you’ll love to dance to – so you don’t have to think about exercising!

Why do most exercise programs fail? Because people don’t actually do them.

Our bodies were born to exercise – but our minds were born to have fun. So set yourself up for success with a class you’ll actually want to do: Come have fun with us at VIBES!

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The energy of a crowd. The fun of a party. The result of a lifetime.

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