Picture the hottest dance party around – and then make it even hotter!

VIBES is a high-energy, high-intensity dance workout. We move to the same jams you’d find at a dance hall. Find your groove – or learn some moves – while burning calories for the body you want.

VIBES is tons of fun and tons of exercise. It’s feel-good fitness at its best. At VIBES, you’ll automatically be employing interval training, which peer-reviewed academic literature has shown to be superior to constant-intensity training. At VIBES, the intervals are the songs! We’ll fill the hour with music you’ll love to dance to – so you don’t have to think about exercising!

Why do most exercise programs fail? Because people don’t actually do them.

Our bodies were born to exercise – but our minds were born to have fun. So set yourself up for success with a class you’ll actually want to do: Come have fun with us at VIBES!

The energy of a crowd. The fun of a party. The result of a lifetime.  


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Our Crazy VIBES Ingredients

Booty Shaking 90%

Sweat Dripping 100%

Music Pumping 95%

Funky Fun 100%

Meet Mimi

Mimi Hatchett
Mimi HatchettVIBES Instructor
Born and raised in Chiba, the capital city of the Chiba Prefecture in Japan that sits about 40 kilometers (25 miles) southeast of the center of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay, Mimi has been the lead dance fitness instructor for the last three years at SWEATVIBES. Previously, she was as an instructor at other local venues for over 8 years where she learned and perfected her craft. She has tons of energy and it shows in her classes as she leaves students drenched in sweat after an hour of taking her class. Mimi is a firm believer in positive energy and encourages all of the students who walk through her classroom doors to bring loads of it as they will receive it return. 

Meet Dougie

Dougie Blah Blah
Dougie Blah BlahVIBES Instructor
Dougie has been a part of the dance fitness world since he was 15 years old. His friends took him to a class after his first day of 10th grade and a passion for teaching was sparked. He went on to do one of his high school graduation requirements, Senior Project, on becoming licensed to teach and has been teaching since then. He loves exploring different styles of dance fitness, and choreographing to different music genres. He can often be found dancing in his car during a redlight coming up with a routine! Dougie brings an amount of youthfulness and energy that cannot be matched. He is ready to make you dance and workout like never before!

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What Our VIBERS Say

“I love VIBES!!! The class was amazing. High energy and intensity but also some strength training too, which I love. I love Mimi’s and Farrah’s energy and spirit because you can feel it from the stage. They were pushing us so hard but we loved it! It’s an amazing feeling to be pushed and know think you can’t do something but realize you can! They were so inspiring of that in this class. Encouragement of the students all the way. I will definitely be back and enjoy their VIBES and I’ll make sure to bring my own VIBES as well! :-D”

“55 years old… these ladies have motivated me to work harder, to stay in shape, than I ever thought I could work… and that was after 20 years of the US Army!”
Laverne Perry

“It has been a very long time since I have been excited to work out! Mimi and Farrah have made class fun and energizing! I love feeling like I can go out and conquer my day after class. Can’t wait to workout again with SWEATVIBES!”
Megan Sommers

“Seriously, if you ever feel stressed or have any sort of problems in your life come to VIBES. It may just be an hour, but man Mimi and Farrah will make you work; not only are they such an inspiration but they are just another reason why to not give up and just keep pushing yourself to the limit… pshhh who says you cant have fun and work out at the same time? These two ladies sure do prove otherwise! (: “

“Amazing class with Mimi and Farrah! SWEATVIBES is a must to try if you love to dancing and working out. Thank you for making me sweat even just the first two songs in the hour class. Rest of the class was awesome!”
Stacy Frost

“I am beside myself with excitement for the grand opening of Sweatvibes! The class is so fun and energetic you’ll forget you’re actually working out! These ladies have motivated and encouraged me to push myself to limits I didn’t know I could reach!! They are truly just the BOMB!”
Katrina Rainer

“What can I say other than the ENERGY at VIBES is amazing! Mimi and Farrah bring so much spirit and spunk that you can’t help but tear it up on the dance floor! They motivate you to give everything you can give all while smiling from ear to ear! Their music and choreo is on point! They are so inspiring and encouraging! VIBES definitely lives up to its namesake!”